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Ceramic studio in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood offering classes and artist space. 



June Session - May 27 - June 22 - will be posted on May 6 at 3pm

**Summer Break - Studio is closed June 23 - July 7**

July Session - July 8 - August 3 - will be posted on June 3 at 3pm

August Session- August 5 - August 31- will be posted on July 16 at 3pm

Class structure

All classes are 4-week sessions that meet once a week at the scheduled time.

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Our Level 1 classes are designed for students with no clay experience and those getting back into clay after a long hiatus. In a Level 1 class, we will cover the fundamentals necessary to begin creating beautiful and unique ceramics.

We strongly suggest students to take at least two 4-week sessions of Level 1 classes to get a full grasp of the fundamentals before moving on to Level 2 classes.

Class price includes all supplies, firings up to 5 lbs of clay work through firings, and open studio time. All wet clay work must be completed during your 4-week session.

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Level 2 classes build on the fundamentals developed in our beginner courses. Suitable for students comfortable with the basics, Level 2 classes will explore a vast array of techniques and processes aimed at expanding your knowledge base and strengthening the fundamentals.

Level 2 classes are set up on a three session rotation, and are designed so each class builds upon your intermediate skills. We recommend taking three sessions of Level 2 courses before leveling up to advanced courses.

Class price includes all supplies, firings up to 10 lbs of clay work through firings, and open studio time. All wet clay work must be completed during your 4-week session.

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Level 3 consists of our advanced level classes. These classes go beyond the basics to cover techniques and processes designed to push artists in developing their own style within the ceramics medium. Level 3 classes are always changing and rotating to keep up with the needs of our students.

Class price includes all supplies, firings up to 20lbs of clay work through firing, and open studio time. All wet clay work must be completed during your 4-week session.

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Mondays 1-3pm - Instructor: Esme

Mondays 7-9pm - Instructor: Laura

Tuesdays 1-3pm - Instructor: Levi

Tuesdays 7-9pm - Instructor: Ryanne

Wednesdays 7-9pm - Instructor: Chris

Saturdays 1-3pm - Instructor: Laura

For those with little to no experience or anyone looking to brush up on the basics, we offer a 4-week introductory course to throwing clay on the potter's wheel. We'll guide you through the wheel fundamentals of centering, opening, pulling, and shaping. You'll create several pieces from start to finish, learning the basics beyond the wheel including trimming and glazing.



Tuesdays 7-9pm - Instructor: Laura

This 4-week class explores the many options of creating with clay off the wheel. All skill levels welcome - whether you're touching clay for the first time or looking to expand your work to include new techniques and shaping ideas, this is the class for you. Students will be introduced to both introductory and more advanced techniques.  


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Tuesdays 4-6pm - Instructor: Levi

Thursday 1-3pm - Instructor: Ryanne

Thursday 7-9pm - Instructor: Ryanne

Saturday 2-4pm - Instructor: Ryanne

For students with some experience looking to expand their practice. We will focus on scaling up to larger amounts of clay, throwing with intention, attaching to wheel-thrown forms, and more intricate glazing techniques, including use of the spray booth.



Mondays 7-9pm - Instructor: Levi

This 4-week class dives deeper into some of the fundamentals introduced in Hand Building 1. Students will explore new shaping and constructing techniques as well as grow their skills at some of the basics.  


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Fridays 4-6pm - Instructor: Ryanne

5 person wheel lab

Our advanced form focus class is for students confident in wheel throwing fundamentals. Each session for this course will examine a specific form, exploring unique ways to refine the form to fit your own practice. Form focus may include drinking vessels, throwing on bats, and planters.


Hand building/Wheel Throwing 3 - finishing techniques

Thursdays 7-9pm - Instructor: Laura

Creating beautifully finished work is every artists struggle. This class will focus on problem solveing and learning how to create cleaner and more developed work through a variety of surface treatments, form and construction techniques and examining the work of contemporary artists to develop a stronger continuity in our work. Students are encouraged to come to this course with a goal in mind for each session (i.e. "I'd like to improve my handles, improve glazing, etc).


Level 3 - Molds - Methods of creating multiples

Wednesdays 7-9pm - Instructor: Carly

In production work, repetition is key. This class will explore methods of using new materials to create molds. Molds can be used in a variety of ways to replicate elements of a form. In this class we will discuss ways to use create molds from everyday objects and clay we have sculpted. You will explore sprig, drape, slump and press molds and how the can be used for both functional and non-functional ceramics.


WHEEL THROWING 3 - Plates and Platters

Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm - Instructor: Levi

5 person wheel lab

In this class we will develop approaches to making functional and decorative plates and platters both on and off the wheel. We will discuss multiple  techniques surface decoration techniques to take advantage of the large framed surface a plate creates.