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2514 W. Armitage Ave
United States


Ceramic studio in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood offering classes and artist space. 



1. What types of glazes and firings do you have? 

            We fire cone 6 oxidation and offer a rotating selection of cone 6 glazes formulated and mixed in house. We also have colored slips               and stains to use. Students looking for particular effects are welcome to purchase their own glazes as long as they are approved by               an instructor. 

2. Why is your location so hard to find? 

           Chicago's numbering system is delightfully deceptive. Our official address is 2514 W. Armitage Ave. However, the entrance can be              found at the back of the building, on Bingham St. To make it even more difficult, Bingham is a one-way street headed south. We recommend turning north on Stave and looping around via the alleyway to get to Bingham.  

3. What is your policy for missed classes? 

           Any missed classes must be made up during your enrolled session. You can utilize our open studio times and ask about available                      wheels during classes. Please coordinate makeup time with your instructor. 

4. Will I receive an email when my pieces are ready to pickup?

You will receive an email when your pieces are ready to glaze but NOT when they have been through the second firing and are ready for pickup. Our kiln cycles take two weeks, so you can bet that two weeks after you’ve glazed your piece, it will be lovingly waiting for you to pick it up and take it home.

5. How long will you hang onto my pottery? 

          Due to limited shelf space, we unfortunately have to throw out all work - no matter how awesome - after two months time. If you                 cannot make it back to the studio within that time, please email us and we'll do our best to put your pieces aside. 

6. Why is it called Penguin Foot Pottery? 

          This is a long story only best told by Chris over a round of beers and a campfire in the north woods.