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2514 W. Armitage Ave
United States


Ceramic studio in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood offering classes and artist space. 


Studio Practice

A clean studio, is a safe studio.

We strive to keep our studio as clean as a pottery studio can be. This can only happen with everyone's help. Here are a few tips for navigating our space.  

Everyone around you was once just as terrible at this, as you think you are now.

Clean up your mess.

Any beer left in the fridge for over 2 days becomes the studio's property.

If you're not sure, just ask.

We fire our kilns to 2232F. Best not to check if they're "still hot."

We are all here to create, learn, and play in the mud. Embrace your inner child and make friends with everyone.

Did we mention to clean up after yourself?

Have fun and keep making cool things.